Our beauty professionals are certified in the use of specific formulas compiled to preserve your hair’s integrity while reducing frizz.

  • Keratin ($400) – Reduces frizz, adds smoothness and tames aggressive texture. This technology doesn’t break hair bonds, rather, it delivers the versatility of smoother, healthier looking hair that can be styled as desired. Generally lasts 3 months depending on hair type. Clients must wait three days to shampoo after receiving treatment.
  • Brazilian Blowout ($300) – Customizable smoothing treatment that reduces frizz and adds smoothness. Generally lasts 3 months depending on hair type. Clients can indulge in same-day washing. Has the versatility to be styled as desired. No line of demarcation with new hair growth. Amino Acids and smoothing ingredients give the option of flat straight hair or moderate volume with reduced frizz.
  • Anti Curl ($150) – This is an Ammonia Thioglycolate Straightener. It is the same chemical used in a perm wave. The difference is in the application – instead of wrapping hair in rods, technicians comb straight into the hair, converting curly strands into a smooth, straight texture. This change is caused by the Thioglycolate ingredient, which is a chemical straightener as opposed to a protein (used in Keratin and Brazilian treatments).
  • Japanese Straightening ($650) – A chemical relaxer that smooths curly hair with more permanent results. Root touch up required as hair texture will not change once straightened.


Waves and texture with styles reflecting that of the 20’s through modern times, our stylists can help you determine which look will enhance your best features and reflect your personality.


Permanent / Body Waves ($125 – $150) – A permanent procedure in which hair texture is altered with curls or waves as the end result. The magnitude of difference is dependent on the size of the rod used to procure results. Sometimes clients can use this service to add volume and fullness without altering much texture.